Marine Services

Sma’knis Marine Technical Services has many years experience of providing clients with bare boat charters for research purposes, surveying, as well as touring. Sma’knis Marine is dedicated to helping the marine industry grow in an environmentally conscious manner. This dedication is why we have acquired the Alutasi “The first hybrid vessel in the Maritimes” as well as partnered with NSCC Applied Energy Research to conduct a feasibility study on converting our 5 RHIBs to electric propulsion. Sma’knis strives to be an industry leader in electric propulsion technology in the Maritimes. Sma’knis envisions a “smart harbour” and hopes that their new location at Dartmouth COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship) will help bring this vision to a reality. With Sma’knis marines’ versatile fleet we are able to help any researcher, scientist or organization achieve their mission in the marine industry.”

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Bare Boat Charter

Sma’knis Marine currently has five RHIB’s all with different capabilities. These RHIBs perform exceptionally in coastal regions, Clients can explain their mission and Sma’knis will help them find the right vessel for the job. Sma’knis Marine will supply the client with the vessel and crew. Sma’knis prides itself on having a crew of highly trained deckhands as well as Ocean technologists. 

Alutasi Charter

The Newest Vessel in our fleet is the Alutasi, she is a 11.3 meter vessel. The Alutasi once was a fishing vessel and now is Smaknis’ largest research vessel. The Alutasi has been outfitted with a Hybrid Drive system. With the addition of hybrids to the vessel market, we encourage companies to reach out about their benefits. The Alutasi is available for day charters crewed with experienced deck hands and ocean technologists.

Abandoned Vessel Removal

Smaknis Marine Technical Services offers abandoned vessel clean up as well as contaminated site clean up. Our team is trained to inspect and carry out work required around an inland or coastal contaminated site.